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Wilkes students already enjoy unparalleled opportunity for hands-on research and experiential learning. See how the students below benefit from the Wilkes tradition of personal engagement, and imagine how much more they can achieve with a modern science building with up-to-date laboratories to enhances collaboration and cross disciplines.

Derek Nye ’11, Biology/Pre-Med Major, Chemistry and International Studies Minor
Derek of Athens, Pa., was awarded a Howard Hughes Medical Institute research fellowship at the Pasteur Institute in France in his senior year. Nye spent three months following his graduation working with Camille Locht, research director at the institute’s facility in Lille, France. He is now applying to medical schools. 

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Shauna Anderson
, Chemistry Major
“In our bodies right now there are a million different reactions going on,” marvels senior Shauna Anderson of Lakewood, Pa. “Everything that goes on has chemistry in it.”

Her fascination with the field began the first day of her high school chemistry class and has only strengthened. Now president of the Wilkes Chemistry Club and a student member of the American Chemical Society, she started working with associate professor Don Mencer the summer after her freshman year at Wilkes.

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Tyler Hippeli '12, Chemistry Major
Tyler Hippeli spent the summer after his junior year working with Don Mencer, associate professor of chemistry, trying to understand organic reactions in ionic liquids -- salts that are liquid at room temperature. These liquids have caught the scientific community’s interest over the last decade as solvents and for applications in batteries, solar energy, gas treatment and waste recycling. Hippeli and Mencer will measure the rate of reactions in these liquids to see how they might make faster and more selective reactions.

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Bhumi Patel, Biology/Pre-Med Major
Junior Bhumi Patel’s work at Wilkes started while she was still in high school, when she began observing research by Professor Linda Gutierrez, M.D., into inflammatory bowel disease and colorectal cancer in mice.

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