Our Plan

The $35 million, 70,000-square-foot, four-story facility will be located along South River Street between Conyngham Hall and Annette Evans Alumni House. It will be LEED-certified and environmentally friendly - a living laboratory.

The hallmark of the new building will be open laboratories specifically designed for interdisciplinary scientific collaboration so students can explore the next frontiers of science. Our plan calls for teaching and research labs shared across disciplines. The teaching labs will allow for constantly evolving approaches in instruction. Research labs will be modular in design, so they can be adapted to keep pace with changing technology. Close proximity between faculty offices, research and teaching labs, and specialized core resources supports the Wilkes mentoring model. Specialized labs will include microscopy, geographic information systems, cell culture and nuclear magnetic resonance facilities.

Technology will allow science students to access advanced computing even as undergraduates. Classrooms and conference rooms will be outfitted with the latest technology. Spaces will be designed for new initiatives in research, podcasting and group projects.

This will be a science center for the 21st century, maximizing learning with efficient use of space and time. It will enrich the research experiences for students and inspire the imaginations of budding scientists. The hands-on research that is the cornerstone of a Wilkes science education will be enhanced with fully equipped laboratories and a design that allows greater teamwork and more modern instrumentation.


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