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Our faculty challenge their students to achieve great things, immersing them in research from the freshman year. These dedicated educators relate their passion for teaching and their own scientific inquiry. And they tell how the new building will enhance the student experience and help launch Wilkes to national prominence in biomedical, environmental and energy research and education.

Dr. Klemow is professor of biology and geoenvironmental science and the director of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research for Northeastern Pennsylvania. He is also the recipient of the Ecological Society of America’s 2010 Eugene P. Odum Award Winner for Excellence in Ecology Education.

At Wilkes Ken Klemow combines two passions: nature and teaching. His family instilled in him early and often the importance of teaching others not only what is already known but also how to acquire new knowledge for overcoming society’s challenges.

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 Dr. Wignot is associate professor of chemistry.

Working with students is always new and exciting to Terri Wignot. She strives to convey to her students her fascination with how simple chemicals knitted together become life.

“All living things are made up by weight of basically six elements on the periodic table,” she notes. “That comes together in a very special way to maintain and perpetuate living matter.”

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Dr. Steele is the H. Fenner Chair of Research Biology and professor of biology

Total immersion in research is Michael Steele’s goal for all Wilkes biology undergraduates.
“A motivated science student today at Wilkes can come away with an undergraduate degree and master’s-level of research experience, and, if they desire, waltz right into a Ph.D. program,” he says. Even if students choose a field other than research, Steele and his colleagues expect them to leave Wilkes prepared to think critically and be able to incorporate scientific literature into their life’s work.

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