Alumni-Student Mentoring Program

Wilkes University Alumni-Student Mentoring Program (AMP)

The Wilkes alumni mentoring program provides career development and networking opportunities for Wilkes students, alumni and friends. The goal of the program is to tap into the vast professional experience of Wilkes alumni to provide valuable advice on topics such as the career selection process, job-search strategies, resume improvement, and other tips.

Currently, we are primarily working with students majoring in:
Accounting, Business Administration, Communication Studies, Education, Finance and Psychology, as well as a few students from Biology, Environmental Sciences, English, Mathematics, Nursing, Sociology and Political Science.

The Office of Alumni Relations works closely with academic departments to determine which students are interested in the program and to structure the program in such a way that it benefits students at the right time in their academic career. Alumni mentors are carefully matched with students who have expressed an interest in their field or a related field of work. Our mentoring program is tailored for each student's course of study and each mentor's professional experience.



What is the time commitment?
You’re probably wondering how much time you’re expected to commit to this program. A mentor and mentee should contact each other several times during a four month semester. 

What should we talk about?
Below are some suggestions of topics to discuss during your first conversation.

• What you expect from this relationship? Be prepared to also talk about your expectations.
• How often would you like to communicate?
• Let’s discuss any concerns about trying to establish this relationship (i.e. nontraditional work hours, how to communicate, travel plans, etc.).
• Let’s discuss what kind of mentoring relationship we would like this to be.

Have more questions?
If you have additional questions, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 570.408.7787.

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